Nature and goodness... from Trentino!


Nature and goodness... from Trentino!

Nature and goodness... from Trentino!

Nature and goodness... from Trentino!

GIOICE, trentino excellence
GIOICE, based in Trentino, Italy and run by the Giori family, produces semi-finished products for gelato and pastry making. Gioice is a family-run business but it is assisted by a group of people who are experienced, motivated and passionate about what they do and whose mission is to grow Gioice and the quality of its products.
The constant pursuit of quality, natural products, appreciation of the past whilst looking to the future, flexibility and ability to adapt to the different needs of its clients, along with passion and attention to detail are Gioice’s cornerstones.

Prime materials and resources
GIOICE company family size, coupled with exceptional geo-spatial location (in the Trentino extreme western slopes of the mountain Finonchio and Folgaria and Lavarone plateau, where they join the Adige Valley), let GIOICE operate out of the best in all areas:

Raw materials, which come from Trentino or the Italian and European regions that ensure excellence in their respective niche product (such as the forest fruits from Trentino, Piedmont hazelnuts, pistachios from Bronte, Dutch cocoa, vanilla "Bourbon berries De Zaan." For all products in which it draws on is always guaranteed the exclusive natural origin.
the water, coming from the Pasubio group with a very high organoleptic quality, purity and flavor. Consisting of lime content, is particularly suitable for infant use for the high calcium intake;
the air, which is always protected from any contamination, due to location within a context for much of the green, right on the slopes of Mount Finonchio, in the area of the vineyards called " dei Ziresi";
Even people are a vital resource: the workers all specialized, highly motivated, coming from the valley of the Adige and all aware of the responsibility and prestige to "build" a Trentino product: a team of excellence, in full awareness of the sensitivity of the product and the need to "never go wrong."

The Family

The strength of our company

Alessandro, Mauro e Marella Giori


Cutting-edge machinery

The Volano plant

Prime materials

Attention and care in the selection of prime materials.

Sponge of vanilla ice cream

GIOICE believes that customer loyalty is the result of a complex match, which is built day by day with a relationship of trustness, availability, quality, mutual desire to form a "team". Customer GIOICE, which is always a unique and special party, also know that GIOICE is "there", and is on his side, with a great team spirit, the common objective of achieving excellence in quality product, service and ideas.
The customer is always for GIOICE a specific reference, as a person with specific needs and requirements: GIOICE task is to fulfill his needs with the most dedication and be able to have the customer work at the best to satisfy consumers.

Service and formation
GIOICE is aware that today, in an increasingly demanding market and with the quality of players growing, the excellence of its products is essential but not sufficient: in addition to "what" modern and dynamic company can offer also we have to see "how" it is offered. With service and close proximity to its customers, combined with a dialogue that is always open in the research to meet the specific needs of each individual operator.
In GIOICE a special technical field is on and is able to transpose the issues of ice cream producer, which ponder and act as a technical support to solve individual issues, to improve the quality, the image and desirability of each operator and each ice cream parlour.
GIOICE is not limited to the production of raw materials, but also offers many ideas on the ways of preparing an ice cream and offer it to customers. It provide a support to those ice cream makers who are looking for quality but also to the presentation and appeal of the finished product.
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